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Annual meeting 2015

I N V I T A T I O N 

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is proud to invite you to the Annual General Meeting which will be held in „Porta Macedonia“ in Skopje on 25.12.2015 (Friday) at 13:00 pm, with the next


    1. Adoption of minutes from the Assembly 2014;
    2. Admission of new members;
    3. Annual Report for 2015;
      Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski
    4. Financial Report for 2015;
      Doc. Dr. Olivera Rasic-Canevska
    5. Election for president and executive board of MSSA;
    6. Work Programme of the Assembly in 2016;
      Doc. Dr. Vladimir Ilievski 
    7. Family functioning and behavior of the parents with children with autism;
      Rozalija Davkovska, M.Sc. 
    8. Stress, methods of handling and support for the parents with children with autistic spectrum disorder;
      Meri Nolcheva, M.Sc.  
    9. Various

    Skopje                                                 President of MSSA

    12.12.2014                                    Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovski