Institute of Special Education and Rehabilitation,
Faculty of Philosophy
Goce Delchev 9A, 1000 Skopje
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About MSSA

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is an organization that provides resources for helping people with Autism spectrum disorder and their families, institutions and NGOs that work in this area, provides scientific research, educational and professional support in the inclusive society in which people with Autism spectrum disorder and their families have a quality life.


Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is a society of citizens-special educators, psychiatrists, medical doctors, immunologists, allergologists, and other professional and scientific disciplines, established by a free will of the citizens in order to accomplish and coordinate their interests and to perform activities and actions aimed at improving investigation and treatment of the persons with autism in the Republic of Macedonia. MSSA is an organization that conducts  scientific research activities, activities for raising public awareness for people with Autism spectrum disorder, improvements of the treatment and quality of life of these persons and their families through organizing educational events  and debates within the Republic of Macedonia.

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is dealing with broader common interest, and the Society’s special aims and the tasks:

  • investigation mechanisms connected with autism;
  • investigation the effects of rehabilitation on the persons with autism;
  • treatment of the persons with autism;
  • cooperation with the parents of the children with autism;
  • coordination of governmental and non governmental organizations dealing with autism.

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is registered in the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia, according to the article 5, paragraph 1, article 19 and article 72 of the Law of single-counter system and handling trading register and register of other juridical persons (Official Gazette 84/05), on 25.12.2006 has transferred the data from the basic register to the Register of other juridical persons. Registration number: 01/ZG.1070/2000. Source number: 05439060. Unique tax number: 4030000389464   Code of activity 94.12.

Holder account: Makedonsko nauchno zdruzhenie za autizam
Account number: 0270100322193
Bank: Komercijalna banka Skopje
IBAN: MK07300701003221919